Cromwell Models is a well known Scottish manufacturer of high quality (and easy to assemble) resin kits, conversions, & figures.

Due to low profit margins, Cromwell Models' 120mm kits are non-discountable for FBC purposes - (ND).

NOTICE: Cromwell has an extensive line and although we stock most of their figures we cannot stock all of their kits & conversions . And, because their delivery is very unpredictable, we sometimes have Cromwell items on Back-Order for 4-10 weeks, sometimes longer. Sorry, but patience is required when dealing with many of these "cottage industry companies".

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)
CK1A13 Cruiser Mk IV, British WWII tank$99.00
CK3A13 Cruiser Mk IVA$99.00
CK4PzKpfw II D$89.00
CK7Panther D early$110.00
CK8Panther D w/zimmerit$110.00
CK10FV103 Spartan CVR(T)$89.00
CK12British A9 Cruiser tank$110.00
CK13Vickers Mk IV B$85.00
CK14PzKpfw II A3$89.00
CK15PzKpfw II Flammpanzer$95.00
CK16Spartan with Milan compact turret$95.00
CK18Covenanter $120.00
CK19Dorchester ACV$118.00
CK22U.S. WWII M5 High Speed Tractor*NEW* $90.00
CK23NbFz, German WWII multi-turreted heavy tank$118.00
CK24Vickers medium Mk II$90.00
CK25Combat Engineer Tractor (C.E.T.) basic version$110.00
CK30British A13 Cruiser Mk III$102.00
CK31PzKpfw II B$95.00
CK34Combat Engineer Tractor (C.E.T.) basic version plus jib$124.00
CK35E50 German experimental medium tank$120.00
CK36E75 German experimental heavy tank$120.00
CK39Combat engineer tractor, basic versioj plus air bags$128.00
CK408.8cm Flak sonderfahrgestell, conversion requires Tamiya's 88mm gun$125.00
CK41German WWII einheits diesel truck$110.00
CK42British A10 Cruiser Mk II$110.00
CK43British Matador truck$110.00
CK44E-10 Hetzer II$88.00
CK45PzKpfw I F (VK1801)$94.00
CK46PzKpfw II J (VK1601)$94.00
CK48E-25 tank destroyer$102.00
CK49E-50 with twin 5.5cm Flak$125.00
CK50AS90 modern British SPG$128.00
CK52Vickers Mk VI C light tank$98.00
CK54Early Panther A w/zimmerit & infra-red equipt.$115.00
CK55Covenator MkIV with complete interior$120.00
CK56Beobachtungpanzer on Vickers Mk VI$80.00
CK59Australian Sentinel Mk I$118.00
CK61Challenger II$130.00
CK62Conqueror Mk II$130.00
CK63Starstreak HVM$120.00
CK658.8cm Flak41 SonderfahrgestellTBD
CK68Vickers MKVI AA Mk2 w/interior details$94.00
CK70Vickers MKVI AA Mk1 w/interior details$94.00
CK72British WWII, REME Spartan$95.00
CK75LVT-4 "Buffalo" $124.00
CK77Morris light recce armored car, Mk II$88.00
CK81Ferret Mk1/2$78.00
CK82Ferret Mk2/3$78.00
CK90Daimler-Benz prototype Panther$115.00
CK91MAN prototype Panther$115.00
Conversions & Accessories1:35th Scale
CA18German WWII infra-red equipment$14.00
CA19Late Tiger II conversion includes: track, sprockets, infra-red equipt., hooks & D-rings$30.00
CA20Schmal Türm, revised (conversion)$30.00
CA21Panther engine pack$9.00
CA21Tiger II engine pack$9.00
CA25Correction parts for DML Panther II (conversion)$16.00
CA26Correction parts for DML Panther F (conversion)$16.00
CA28Twin 5.5cm Flak turret for Panther II/E50 (conversion)$24.00
CA31M3A3 conversion for Tamiya M5A1$38.00
CA32StuG III A or early B conversion for DML kits$28.00
CA33Wall and Base$15.00
CA34Street Corner$28.00
CA35Stove & Logs$12.00
CA37Zimmerit for Italeri Tiger (P)$19.00
CA3817 pounder ammo plus open & closed boxes$19.00
CA402 pounder ammo plus open & closed boxes$19.00
CA41Wall and small base$10.00
CA43VK4502(P) Tiger II prototype conv. for Italeri$82.00
CA44Ram Tiger conversion for Italeri Tiger I(P)$45.00
CA46Warrior update set for Academy $20.00
CA47WWI/WWII P.O.W. cans$10.00
CA4895mm ammo plus open & closed boxes$15.00
CA49Pearson's combat dozer blade for Challenger $30.00
CA50Scorpion update set 1$10.00
CA51Scorpion update set 1 plus Gulf Bins$20.00
CA52Desert Crusader Mk I (conversion for Italeri). Contains main turret and MG sub turret both w/interior detail, detailed drivers' position, desert skirts and wheel plates$52.00
CA53Quad 2cm Flak Panther turret (conversion)$24.00
CA54Schmal Türm, Rheinmetall (conversion)$24.00
CA558.8cm Panther Schmal Turm. (conversion)$28.00
CA588.8cm Panther triple infra-red equipt. $24.00
CA64SdKfz 222 Neuer Art conversion for Italeri SdKfz 234/1$48.00
CA67Stuart solid road wheels 8 per set $10.00
CA68Stuart solid drive sprockets 2 per set$8.00
CA69Frontal armor to correct DML Panzer IV J$9.00
CA70Replacement mantlet for DML MAUS & E100$9.00
CA71Schmalturm conv. for DML PzIV J$48.00
CA79ISU-152, 1945 conversion for Tamiya IS-3$52.00
CA80SA-6 "Gainful" SAM, extensive conv. for DML ZSU 23-4VI$108.00
CA81M4A1 Hull with direct vision slots$26.00
CA83M4A6 conv. for DML$52.00
CA87Cromwell road wheels with perforated tires 20 per set$20.00
CA88Besa ammo boxes$52.00
CA90Early Scorpion conversion$20.00
CA92Crusader MkII conversion for Italer. Contains turret with interior details and detailed driver's position$45.00
CA93Final Tiger II B conversion for Tamiya$10.00
CA94Centaur dozer conversion for Tamiya Cromwell IV. Upper hull and complete dozer fittings$62.00
CA95Cromwell F type conversion for Tamiya.Upper hull, turret bins, optional 95mm gun, etc.$28.00
CA96Charioteer T.D. conversion for Tamiya Cromwell. Upper hull, turret with gun, track and sprockets plus Christian Militia/PLO parts$62.00
CA100Panther D Command tank$105.00
CA101M3A1 Lee cast hull & turret conv.$52.00
CA102Crusader turret$117.00
CA103T-31 turret conv. for DML M4A3 HVSS$40.00
CA104Burnt-out track & roadwheels for Tamiya M4$18.00
CA105Reversible Sherman road wheels, dished/pressed$14.00
CA112Correction set for Academy Merkava III$40.00
CA113Correction set for Academy Merkava hull skirt$22.00
CA114Correct roadwheels for Academy Merkava$22.00
CA118C24 Cavalier conversion for Tamiya Centaur$51.00
CA119Waffle Pattern zimmerit, Tamiya Stug III. Contains new upper hull, saukopf mantlet and concrete armor inserts$51.00

Kits and Conversions (120mm Scale)
(Note - 120mm kits are limited production 'special order' items; we require a 40% pre-payment via cash, check, money order, or credit card in advance) before we place the order. This pre-payment is non-refundable unless we cannot get the kit. The remaining 60% is due after we get the kit from Cromwell.
CB2PzKpfw II L "Luchs" recon tank with figures, SdKfz 123$305.00

Figures (1:35 Scale)
CF1British tank crew, 1939-41 (3 half figures)$18.00
CF2German tank commanders, 1933-44 (4 half figures)$23.00
CF3Stummel gun crew, SdKfz 251/9 (4 figures)$34.00
CF4German assault gun crew (2 half figures)$15.00
CF5German seated figures (2 figures)$18.00
CF6British Cromwell tank crew (2 half figures, 1 full figure)$23.00
CF7German tank commanders, 1941-45 (2 half figures) + 2 figures using starting crank$24.00
CF8PzKpfw IV crew (late uniforms)$27.00
CF9Panzer crew changing track pin (2 figures)$18.00
CF10German 3.7cm Flak crew (4 figures + equipment)$42.00
CF11Panzer grenadier tank riders (3 figures)$24.00
CF12Gulf war CVR(T) crew (2 full, 1 half figures)$22.00
CF14British desert tankers refueling (3 figures)$30.00
CF15Panzer crew at rest (3 figures)$24.00
CF16Panzer grenadiers, standing (3 figures)$30.00
CF17German tank commanders, 1939-45 (4 half figures)$21.00
CF18Panzer grenadier stretcher party (5 figures)$44.00
CF19Panzer re-arming crew (3 + 1/2 figures)$34.00
CF20Afrika Korps panzer crew (2 full and 3 half figures)$35.00
CF21British re-arming crew (5 figures)$44.00
CF22Tiger I crew (2 full and 2 half figures)$27.00
CF23Panther crew (1 full, 1 half, and two 3/4 figures)$27.00
CF25"Eastern Front #1", 2 figures + scenic base (resin)$27.00
CF26"Eastern Front #2", 2 figures + scenic base (resin)$27.00
CF27"Spoils of War", 2 figures + scenic base (resin)$24.00
CF28StuG III re-arming crew, 2 figures$17.00
CF29US tankers at rest$17.00
CF32German Tank Officers, 2 figures$21.00
CF34Panzer grenadiers, 3 armed with IR fitted MP44 MGs$34.00
CF35German MG team at rest (3 figures)$30.00
CF36Sleeping Germans (2 figures)$21.00
CF37German casualties (2 figures)$18.00
CF38UK Sherman crew, appropriate for Firefly, etc. (3 figures)$14.00
CF39US tank officer & dispatch rider$21.00
CF40UK tankers with German casualty (3 figures)$28.00
CF41Germans sitting (2 figures)$21.00
CF42WWII Russian tank crew (3 figures)$31.00
CF43UK tank crew (3 figures)$31.00
CF44UK 2pdr. re-arming crew, France 1940$22.00
CF45Stalingrad set #1$20.00
CF46StuG crew (2 half figures) (see photo of complete set, CF62)$14.00
CF47StuG/tank riders #1 (2 figures)(see photo of complete set, CF62)$21.00
CF48StuG/tank riders #2 (2 figures)(see photo of complete set, CF62)$21.00
CF49StuG/tank riders #3 (2 figures)(see photo of complete set, CF62)$21.00
CF50StuG/tank riders #4 (2 figures)(see photo of complete set, CF62)$21.00
CF51StuG/tank riders #5 (2 figures)(see photo of complete set, CF62)$21.00
CF52Stalingrad German MG team (2 figures + base)$35.00
CF53Tiger II crew (3 full and 2 half figures)$39.00
CF54Fallschirmjäger tank rider set #1 (2 figures)$21.00
CF55Fallschirmjäger tank rider set #2 (2 figures)$21.00
CF56Fallschirmjäger tank rider set #3 (2 figures)$21.00
CF57Fallschirmjäger tank rider set #4 (2 figures)$21.00
CF58German 3 man MG team in ruined house base$60.00
CF59British tank crew, 1960's (1 half and 3 bust figures)$14.00
CF60German WWII NBC figure set (2 figures)$35.00
CF61Wounded Eagle (3 figures)$28.00
CF62SS Pz Grenadier tank riders, winter dress, plus Stug crew (10 full figures + 2 half figures)$108.00
CF65Early war PzKpfw III crew (3 partial figures)$17.00
CF667.5cm PaK40 crew$18.00
CA29British heads with berets (6 heads)$7.00
CA30German helmets$9.00
CA45Modern British AFV crew heads with helmets (6 heads)$7.00
CA59British helmets with liners$7.00
CA62WWII British helmets with liners$7.00
DS1"Monte Cassino", limited edition (10 figures)$150.00

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