Historica Production from Italy, makes many interesting WWII Italian AFV's, "Soft Skins" and Ordnance. The quality of their 1:35th scale resin cast kits, conversions and accessories are now very good to excellent. They have recently introduced an early version of the M7 Priest, a complete kit and the first of a limited production series under the name Ordnance Factory.

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Full Kits (1:35 Scale)

Ordnance Factory, Limited Production Series
HP/OF001 M7 "Priest", Early version. Complete kit in resin features full interior detailing, radial engine, Model Kasten SK55 workable tracks and more. Excellently cast in resin with well illustrated instructions. NEW
Historica Production
HP1001M43 Semovente SPG with 105/25 gun, "Bassotto"$82.00
HP1002M43 Semovente SPG with 75/46 gun.$82.00
HP1003M43 Semovente SPG with 75/34 gun.$82.00
HP1004Fiat-SPA Dovunque 35 Protetto. Fully armored WWII Italian troop transport.$82.00
HP1005SPA. AS42 Italian WWII Desert car "Sahariana" w/sand tires. This vehicle can be armed w/ 20mm AT, 20mm AA Breda model 35 or a 47mm AT gun.78.00
HP1006Fiat-SPA Dovunque 35. Standard cargo truck. Work horse of Italian army in WWII.$74.00
HP1007SPA AS 37Autocarro "Sahariano". Italian WWII Platoon truck w/sand tires$79.00
HP10085.5 inch Field Gun. British post WWII also used by post war Italian army.$67.00
HP1009Cannone Ferroviario da 152/40 (A). WWII Italian Royal Navy railroad gun. This kit consists of over 100 parts and is 45cm long.$225.00 N.D.
HP1010Tattrice pesante, Breda Model 32 truck Used by WWII Italian Army on all fronts and by Germans after the Armistice.$97.00
HP1011Semovente da 75/18 M42. Italian/German WWII SPG. $97.00
HP1012Carro Comando M42. Italian WWII command tank. $97.00
HP1013Semovente da 75/34 M42$97.00
HP1014Carro Armato 15/42. Final vehicle of M13 series. Complete kit, hollow cast resin with separate hatches. Cleanly cast with decal sheet $97.00
HP1015Autocarro pesante FIAT SPA "Dovunque" 41 cargo truck. Complete kit, with detailed drive train, cab with separate doors & windshields. Well illustrated instructions with color painting guide and decal sheet. $120.00
HP1015>Photo 2. "Build-up" of HP1015 Dovunque 41 frame with drivetrain, suspension and tires.
HP1016SPA AS42 "Metropolitana" with 20mm Breda mod. 35 gun $97.00
HP1017Semovente da 90/53 M41 90mm gun mounted on M41 Semovente chassis. Kit includes a small fret of photo-etch parts. $97.00
HP1018Camionetta Desertica Mod. 43$97.00
HP1019Camionetta AS43. Kit allows 3 different armament options; Breda 47mm/32 & 20mm Breda AA guns are included in the kit. A 20mm Flak 38 may also be mounted using adapter plate provided in the kit and supplying your own Tamiya Flak 38 kit. $97.00
HP1020Autoblinda AS43. WWII Armored car based upon AS43 chassis. Hollow cast with separate doors and interior details. Color painting guide and decals included in the kit. $99.00
HP1020Another view of HP1020 Autoblinda AS43.
HP1021AR90 Modern Italian jeep (Escercito Italiano). Complete kit, with detailed drive train, separate doors & windshields. Well illustrated instructions with color painting guide, decal sheet and realistic headlight lens $84.00

Ordnance Kits (1:35 Scale)
HP2001Breda model 35. 20mm gun on tripod mount$22.00
HP2002Breda model 35. 20mm gun on pedestal mount$22.00
HP2003Fiat model 25 & Schwarzlose machine guns .$21.00
HP2004Fiat model 14, Breda model 37 & Hotchkiss machine guns.$21.00
HP2005Solothurn 20mm Anti-Tank gun on tripod.$17.00
HP2006Breda model 31  13.2mm & SAFAT 7.7mm machine gun.$18.00
HP2007Breda model 35. 20mm gun for AS42 "Sahariana" $21.00
HP2008Solothurn 20mm Anti-tank gun for AS42 "Sahariana" $15.00
HP200947mm cannon for AS42 "Sahariana" $18.00
HP2010Small arms set #1. Fucile 91, Moscetto 91/38, Mab38, MAS38 and Chatellerault$14.00
HP2011Small arms set #2. Mannlicher M95 & Carbine, Moschetto TS 91/38, Mab 38/42and Chacat.$14.00
HP2012Small arms set #3. Miscellaneous Italian WWII pistols, revolvers and knives Limited Production kit$14.00
HP2013Breda Model 35. For use with kit 1006. $38.00
HP2014Breda Model 38 machine gun, 2 guns, each with 5 different etched A.A. sights $15.00

Engines, Interiors and Update Sets (1:35 Scale)
HP3001Interior for kit 1001, Semovente M43 105/25 "Bassotto"$38.00
HP3002Interior for kit 1002, Semovente M43 75/46$38.00
HP3003Interior for kit 1003, Semovente M43 75/34$38.00
HP3004Engine for Italian M43 Carrto Armato and Semovente models.$38.00
HP3005Back date set for Carro Armato M13/40. Corrects Italeri/Zvesda kit which is really M14/41.$82.00
HP3006Engine for Italian M14 series tanks and SPGs.$38.00
HP3007Comando version update set for Italeri/Zvesda M13. Kit includes interior details and rangefinder.$42.00
HP3008Modern Italian SIDAM, 4 barrelled A.A. conversion for Academy M113$58.00
HP3009SPA 15TB engine for M42 series tanks$35.00
HP3010M40 Upgrade set for Italeri/Zvesda.$42.00
HP3011M41 Upgrade set for Italeri/Zvesda.$42.00
HP3012Carro Commando M40 conversion set for Italeri/Zvesda.$45.00

Accessories and Head Sets (1:35 Scale)
HP400120mm Ammo cases for Breda mod. 35/39 $14.00
HP4002Canvas cover for SPA AS37, sides down$28.00
HP4003Canvas cover for SPA AS37, sides rolled up. Includes auxillery fuel tanks and bench seats$28.00
HP4004Heads set, Italian WWII Afrika, 12 heads$22.00
HP4005Canvas cover for Dovunque 35 truck$28.00
HP4006Canvas cover, open or closed for AS37 TBA
HP4007To Be Announced TBA
HP4008WWII Italian soldier heads, RSI, 12 heads$21.00
Figures, Guns with crews and Motorcycles with riders (1:35 Scale)
HP5001"Sciumbasci" $15.00
HP5002"Bulukbasci" $15.00
HP5003Italian Tanker 1941$15.00
HP5004Meharista Sgt.Major, Artillery Shariana,1939$15.00
HP5005Arab (Meharisti") artilleryman leading Camel, N.Afrika 1939-40$39.00
HP5006Sahariano 1942 $15.00
HP5007Marinai Regia Marina $29.00
HP5009Cacciatore di carri con bomba "Passaglia" $15.00
HP5018 Moto Guzzi GT17 motorcycle with rider. Includes wheels with photo-etched spokes by Model Victoria, etched brass chain and accessories, 3 color decals and well illustrated instructions.$49.00
HP5018 Another photo of the Moto Guzzi GT17 motorcycle. This is one of the illustrations from the kit instructions.
HP50183 Color decals for Moto Guzzi GT17 motorcycle
HP5021WWII Italian Tanker in overalls sitting on tank$16.00
HP5022WWII Italian Tanker in overalls climbing onto tank$16.00
Modern Figures (1:35 Scale)
HP6001Sniper, "Col Moschin" Batt., Somalia 1993$15.00
HP6002Incursore, "Col Moschin" Batt., Somalia 1993$15.00

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